At the heart of your development strategy with your key players, the showroom is a premium venue for your products and services. R2 Stand & Event can design your space to make it dynamic, attractive and impactful over the long term.

Offer your teams an immersive venue dedicated to your activity, allowing you to welcome your partners in a VIP setting and create an unforgettable experience synonymous with quality, design and loyalty.

Over the long term, the Showroom is an opportunity for you to accompany the highlights of your brand by updating your exhibition, communication and exchange media.

R2 Stand & Event provides you with a turnkey service throughout your project in order to offer you an optimal presentation of your activity, from the design to the delivery of your structure.

Huawei @ Kogan Gallery

R2 Stand & Event, which specialises in the design and production of ephemeral architecture, created a HUAWEI showroom in a shopping mall.

For 10 days, HUAWEI is challenging the space to become an impactful pop-up shop to attract new customers.

The emphasis is on long-distance visibility via a full-height shop front that allows immediate identification of the brand. The interior of the gallery, on the other hand, plays on light tones for a premium and uncluttered look that gives pride of place to the products.

R2 Stand & Event offers an original visit path with rounded furniture shapes encouraging customers to discover all the references. Among them, HUAWEI also highlights one of its flagship products, resulting from a recent partnership with the sports brand Paris-Saint-Germain, for which a large visual communication surface is dedicated.

This showroom was held from 2 to 13 May 2015 at the KOGAN gallery in Paris.


R2 Stand & Event, which specialises in the design and production of ephemeral architecture, carried out a graphic study for a permanent ESSILOR SHOWROOM in Paris.

ESSILOR, a specialist in corrective lenses and ophthalmic equipment, wishes to equip itself with a showroom to optimise its sales and strengthen its partnerships.

In order to offer an optimised brand space, R2 Stand & Event has designed an 80 m² living space organised according to several themes, allowing visitors to find their way around easily in a warm and welcoming wooded atmosphere.

Each area follows the consumer's buying process and is equipped with screens that allow the brand to deliver its key messages in an efficient manner. The space also includes a lounge, a discussion area, a meeting room and a children's corner.

The layout proposed by R2 Stand & Event allows you to quickly familiarise yourself with the space and to feel confident in a professional environment of experts.

The showroom was inaugurated on 19 January 2016.

Paris Habitat

R2 Stand & Event, specialising in the design and production of ephemeral architecture, has produced a graphic study for a permanent PARIS HABITAT SHOWROOM in Paris.

PARIS HABITAT, a major player in the social housing sector in Paris and the surrounding suburbs, aims to reinvent its image and present the new identity of its agencies via this showroom.

This 130 m² professional space is divided into 4 living areas: a reception area, a coworking area, an exhibition area and two confidential meeting rooms. The visitor is immediately propelled into the world of the brand via an open design with simple and modern architectural lines. 

R2 Stand & Event offers a logical evolution within this space from the moment visitors enter, passing through the exhibition before the discussion areas. The exhibition offers several frescoes to spread the group's messages as well as supports for building models.

This warmly coloured showroom was launched in June 2019.


R2 Stand & Event, specialised in the design of ephemeral architecture, is proud to accompany VALEO in the design and production of a customised showroom.

VALEO, a French automotive supplier, aims to be a major player in the mobility of tomorrow.

In order to create a dynamic space with a very high quality standard, R2 Stand & Event has taken up the forms of the graphic charter to create a disruptive, green and eco-friendly design through the extensive planting of each area presented.

Each communication axis offers a number of communication surfaces with the most important messages, as well as multimedia solutions that integrate the visitor as a part of the action and the discovery.

In addition, the showroom includes a "technical centre" representing VALEO 's manufacturing premises, which follows the same graphic lines while including the elements necessary for visitor immersion. A true training centre, this showroom covers all the areas of development desired by the brand: awareness-raising, training and loyalty.

Finally, this showroom includes a private studio space for its teams to produce content for the brand's various social networks: interviews, reports, etc.

Huawei @ Galerie L'Imprimerie

R2 Stand & Event, which specialises in the design and production of ephemeral architecture, is supporting HUAWEI for the launch of the PG and PG+ models, the designer's new smartphones.

Hosted at the Imprimerie, an art gallery located in the heart of Paris, the Huawei brand wants to remodel its space around the leitmotiv of its campaign: fashion, photography and new technologies.

Through the creation of the " Huawei Gallery ", R2 Stand & Event will showcase the new features of the flagship models. In particular, a number of models will be available on a central island for live photo shoots by professional photographers on large screens.

As attention to detail and accessibility of its range are strong values for Huawei, R2 Stand & Event offers a fun, friendly and qualitative space. 

This space opened from 20 May to 5 June 2016.