Retail / Point of Sale

To help you capture new customers and develop your market share in your key points of sale, R2 Stand & Event can help you design and implement customised commercial architectures within your distribution network.

A unique brand experience for your customers, an attractive layout is a key factor in building loyalty and winning new customers. Take advantage of an immersive scenography to boost your commercial strategy.

By combining design and creativity with your brand, this new venue for your products and services will help to increase your brand awareness and generate more turnover at a regional level.

R2 Stand & Event provides you with a turnkey service throughout your project in order to offer you an optimal presentation of your activity, from the design to the delivery of your structure.

DeWalt Stanley

R2 Stand & Event, specialising in space design, is proud to have been chosen by the DEWALT STANLEY group to design its "Premium Stores", specialist corner shops.

The group hopes to expand the awareness of its various brands and to secure market share in its most strategic outlets.

R2 Stand & Event takes care of the design and realisation of commercial layouts, creating a separation from the other brands via a monumental branded arch. The space allows the group's different brands to be highly visible and to coexist harmoniously.

For a Premium presentation, R2 Stand & Event also presents products in a display case at the entrance to the space in order to attract the eye and the flow of visitors. This delimitation creates a world of its own within the point of sale.

R2 Stand & Event spices up the geography of the space with different exhibition plots allowing the particular highlighting of key products.

The installation of this arrangement took place in February 2018 at the Clément hardware store in Angoulême.

Facom @ Leroy Merlin

R2 Stand & Event, specialised in customised stand design, produced a project / graphic study for the consultation launched by the FACOM brand.

The brand hopes to expand its brand awareness and market share within one of its partner distribution networks.

R2 Stand & Event has created an admirable interior design for the Leroy Merlin shop. Located at the entrance of the shop, R2 Stand & Event imagines an open corner with a modern and friendly design.

R2 Stand & Event innovates by proposing a visual banner allowing the dynamic broadcasting of key messages at the point of sale.

Numerous demonstration displays allow a wide range of products to be displayed in a small area. FACOM brand content is a key part of the user experience.

Facom @ Autodistribution

R2 Stand & Event, which specialises in the design of customised stands, is assisting the FACOM brand of the STANLEY DEWALT BLACK & DECKER BOSTITCH group in the design, conception and production of a customised relaxation area to be positioned in the shop.

The brand wants to attract new customers and ensure an original presence at the point of sale.

To meet this objective, R2 Stand & Event offers a complex combining a product exhibition area and a convivial refreshment area. In order to sublimate the brand, R2 Stand & Event uses the brand's codes to decorate its corner. 

This commercial architecture gives visitors the opportunity to discover the brand's products during a shopping break.

Moto bike store

R2 Stand & Event, which specialises in space design, carried out a graphic study for a point of sale layout.

The brand wants to increase its market share by making the visitor part of a unique experience.

To meet this objective, R2 Stand & Event is taking charge of the dynamic architecture of a 1,200 m²sales outlet on two floors.

Through a 180 m² mezzanine, R2 Stand & Event transforms the space to optimise the impact on visitors. Via a number of areas, R2 Stand & Event has created universes specific to each range, thus creating a qualitative sales area. Moving from one area to another, R2 Stand & Event has designed an intuitive visitor path, allowing for a fluid flow.

R2 Stand & Event arranges the space in such a way as to stimulate dialogue between the sales force and the visitors. Close to the entrance, a "Coffe Time" area is available, providing a touch of conviviality.

In the second sales area, on the ground floor, R2 Stand & Event creates an immersive scenography around the flagship model, a magnificent motorbike, allowing the participants' eyes to be captured.