The use of recycled plastic in retail


Give a second life to your materials, it's possible! Today, companies are increasingly looking for an environmental ethic, allowing them to improve their practices, images and actions.

Plastic recycling has become a major concern! Discover in this article how the use of recycled plastic brings added value to the retail sector in terms of responsible furniture and the creation of original universes.

Among the many advantages of recycled plastic, the three main ones are: resistance, hygiene and practicality!


Your furniture is sturdy and will not be damaged, or only slightly. It is therefore possible to store them and reuse them for a future event.

Recycled furniture is also very UV and light resistant. As a result, your furniture will keep its shine.

Hygiene :

Easily cleaned, your furniture stays as good as new!


For the design of your retail spaces, recycled plastic is ecological, providing an eco-friendly and green touch.

Now let's talk about maintenance! In case of damage, for example a more or less deep scratch, you only need to sand the surface lightly.

Source: RetailPartners - Article of 8 July 2021