The reception area: an important meeting place


First impressions are always the most important! Discover his tips for making a splash.

1/ Delineate the spaces : 

The way the space is arranged immediately communicates a strong message.

The reception area is not only a place to wait but also a place to exchange ideas and work. It must therefore be arranged in such a way that all tasks can be carried out: welcoming the public, writing e-mails, making telephone calls, etc. 

The waiting area is off-centre from the reception area to ensure a more cosy and quiet environment. It remains visible from the reception area.

Remember to provide space for people with reduced mobility. 

2/ The general atmosphere :

It is visible in the layout of the space through warm furniture and careful decoration. The company's visual identity is represented by the choice of colours. An olfactory atmosphere can also be a possible solution.

3/ The quality of the services offered:

Through small gestures, the reception of visitors is more efficient and makes it easier to put them at ease. During the waiting time, an umbrella dryer, newspapers and drinks dispensers are available. 

In order to reinforce its image, the company can implement technological solutions such as wifi and/or touch tablets to make the reception area more dynamic.

As the reception area is a place for information and enquiries, screens are also a tool.

Source : Securitas