The essential tools for creating a pop-up store


Invite the visitor to travel through your ephemeral space in an efficient way!

Discover the different places to have an impactful scenography:

The reception area :

We recommend an open space, inviting your interlocutors to discover the space. As this is the first visual contact, the welcome should be warm and friendly, aiming to immerse the visitor in your world and make them feel confident.

The wall of power :

90% of visitors head to the right when they enter a shop. This hot zone becomes an asset for your brand. In order to increase your image tenfold, offer large communication supports and/or place your flagship products at the top of the shelves.

The path :

Create a customer journey! This is an opportunity for you to guide the visitor through all your products. In this way, you avoid grey areas and have a better chance of increasing purchases. 

Speed bumps :

Implement dynamic spaces (posters, gondola heads) to capture the visitor's attention. 

The output :

It represents the checkout. This area is equipped with the famous counter and offers products to encourage impulse buying.

Source: Store Front - Article dated 7 September 2016.