The basics for designing a dynamic corner


Communicate your brand with a customised corner ! Discover the tools you need.

1/ The quality of the material :

Your corner represents the image of your brand! The quality of the material is therefore the first element to take into account to make your point of sale attractive.

2/ The choice of furniture :

For a premium presentation, the choice of unique furniture will allow you to stand out from the crowd! It must be adapted to the product it is going to showcase.

A little tip: choose furniture with storage. They will be useful for your presentations. 

3/ The scenography :

Your visual identity, your values and your products and services must be immediately identifiable. Through a tailor-made scenography, immerse your interlocutors quickly in your universe. 

To make the space more dynamic, accessories such as kakemonos can be added.

Tip: Eco-friendly and green spaces are becoming increasingly popular. They attract the attention of visitors and create a warm atmosphere in your corner.

Source: IMLA